ELV Recycling Machine

End-of-life vehicle (ELV) recycling or Automobile Recycling is the most common and talked about matter in the metal recycling industry in India. With uncertain policy or regulation from the government and be deficient in of technical proficiency the Indian automobile recycling industry is searching for a total solution to grip and process used cars and other scrap vehicles in an eco friendly manner. The processing and recycling of scrap cars should be done in a way that offers maximum revival of metal for recycling, used parts for resale and safe clearance of hazardous material. Our Box shear and Continuous shear are apt for car recycling.

Scrap Processing has become vital in moving up the rates of metal scrap recycling. Currently, scrap collection in India is at an emerging stage and hence the scrap dealers usually get a mix of metal scrap along with all kinds of impurities. The scrap collectors or the rag pickers have almost insignificant knowledge of scrap sorting or cleaning. In fact, the story carries on even at the scrap dealers’ end where the process know-how is not up to the mark or there is absence of infrastructure and proper equipment. The large-scale businesses that use metal for producing their products are ignorant of the marvelous benefits of scrap processing including increase in profit margins.

Efficient scrap processing techniques make sure maximum revival of scraps in terms of quantity and better quality of scraps that would eventually cut down imports of scrap and provide higher economic benefits to both collectors and recyclers. Apart from cleaning, sorting and densification, due importance should be given to sizing of bundle to match the size of the furnace.

Metals and their alloys like aluminum, copper, iron and steel are put through metal balers, shredders, shearing, and briquetting machines. Shredding in superior shredders helps cut the material in suitable size. Our current offerings are Box Shear machine and continuous shearing machines for processing heavy scrap (HMS).


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